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Pump Catalog > Primary Sump Pumps > SP3S Standby Sump Pump 3,000gph Specifications

SAVE Your Basement With The
Basementsaver SP3S 'Standby'
110-120V Sump Pump

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Basementsaver SP3S
'Standby' Sump Pump
Basementsaver SP3S Standby Sump Pump - Pumps 3,000gph
Additional 3,000 gal/hr
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SP3S Standby Sump Pump Large Image

Combination SP3 / SP3S
6,000gph TOTAL PUMPING CAPACITY (At 10ft Head)

The SP3S Standby Sump Pump provides powerful supplemental pumping performance during periods of extreme sump pit flow
The SP3S high quality standby sump pump sits beside your primary sump pump to provide extra pumping capacity during extreme flow-rate periods. This pump offers powerful, reliable, low-maintenance, performance with super-easy homeowner installation.

Note: SP3S 115V AC 'Standby' Pump is not meant to replace the power-outage pumping functionality of a Backup Sump Pump. We strongly advise use in combination with a water powered Backup Sump Pump to keep your basement dry.

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Sump Pumps - Basementsaver SP3S Standby Sump Pump

SP3S Is A Heavy-Duty 'Standby' Sump Pump Designed To Supplement The Pumping Capacity Of Your Primary Sump Pump
Easy Self-Install, SP3S Kicks In During Extreme Flow-Rate Situations To Remove An Additional 3,000 gph From Your Sump Pit - Combine With The SP3 Primary Sump Pump To Remove Up To 6,000 gph
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Basementsaver SP3S Electric 'Standby' Sump Pump Specifications

The Basementsaver SP3 primary sump pump is Your most cost-effective choice for reliable high power performance in applications with normal to very high basement sump flow rates. Our NEW SP3 Sump Pump features super-easy homeowner installation!

  • Pumping Rate: 3,000gph for 10 ft lift (3,300gph for 5ft lift) to discharge.
  • Maximum Head: 26ft
  • Very Powerful: 4.7A 115VAC (0.5HP) Primary Sump Pump.
  • Motor: permanently lubricated rated for continuous operation & extended service.
  • Float Switch: Integrated Vertical Float w piggyback plug.
  • Sump Pump Unit Dimensions: 8" Diameter Base x 12" High
  • Sump Pump Unit Weight: 11lb (18lb Total Shipping Weight)
  • Heavy Duty Construction: Cast Aluminum Body / Tough Thermoplastic Base
  • Solids Handling: Up To 1/8"
  • Low Maintenance: Just install correctly and check monthly
  • Thermal Overload Protected: With automatic reset
  • Easy Installation: $SAVE$ - Self-install download Pump Installation Manual
  • High Efficiency: Low Power Consumption
  • Power Cord: 10ft heavy duty 16/3SJTW & NEMA 5-15P 115V 3-prong plug
  • Listed: USA Underwriters Laboratories & Canadian CSA Approved
  • 30 day Full Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Full 2 year Limited Warranty

  • Here's What You Get:

  • SP3S Heavy-Duty High Efficiency Sump Pump
  • Adjustable Vertical Float Switch
  • 1.5" diameter PVC Discharge Pipe with Check Valve
  • Fittings To Tee Into Your Primary Sump Pump Discharge
  • Stainless Steel Clamps
  • 85dB High Water Alarm (w Security System Outputs)
  • Fully Illustrated Sump Pump Installation Manual
  • You'll Also Need:

  • A GFCI-protected 110-120V power socket to plug your sump pump into.

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