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Pump Catalog > Primary Sump Pumps > SP2 Sump Pump 2,040gph Image

SAVE Your Basement With The
Basementsaver SP2 Electric
Basement Sump Pump
$SAVE$ Discount Pump Outlet

Basementsaver SP2 Primary Sump Pump
Basementsaver SP2 Primary Sump Pump
2,040 gal/hr

SP2 Sump Pump
Full Specifications

The SP2 Sump Pump provides powerful pumping performance for large residential basements with normal to high sump pit flow
The SP2 high quality yet very cost-effective sump pump is produced by premier pump manufacturer Bell & Gossett. The SP2 sump pump offers powerful, reliable, low-maintenance, performance with super-easy homeowner installation.

Our most powerful Primary Sump Pump, the Basementsaver SP2 is highly recommended for use in combination with a water powered Backup Sump Pump to keep your basement dry.

Sump Pumps - Basementsaver SP2 Primary Basement Sump Pump

SP2 is a powerful, reliable, low-maintenance battery backup pump that efficiently removes 2,040 gph from Your sump pit (for 10ft lift).
Easy Self-Install, the SP2 sump pump provides cost-effective high performance basement pumping for most residential basements.
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Basementsaver SP2 Primary Sump Pump
SP1 Model Features A Vertical Float - SP2 Model Features A Swing-Out Float

Basementsaver Sump Pump Engineering For Reliable Performance
Basementsaver SP2 Sump Pump Specifications
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