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Which Emergency Sump Pump Technology Is Your Best Option
Battery Backup Sump Pumps Or Water Powered Sump Pumps?

Battery Backup Sump Pump systems and Water Powered Sump Pump systems offer different advantages and have different installation requirements. Find out which emergency backup pump technology to choose for protecting Your valuable possessions....

Choosing The Right Emergency Sump Pump Technolgy For Your Specific Basement

A properly installed primary basement sump pump will probably do 99.99% of the pumping to drain your basement, and should be an ac electrical powered unit in most cases. Even with a high quality primary sump pump, You will still need a reliable backup sump pump to minimize Your basement flooding potential.

Basementsaver BP Battery Backup Sump Pumps and Basementsaver WP & HP Water Powered Sump Pumps, are all excellent emergency backup sump pumps. But how do you decide which type and model of backup pump will work best in Your specific situation? Read this article to help you decide which technology represents Your best option for protecting Your particular basement and it's valuable contents.

A Water Powered Emergency Sump Pump Is Probably Your Best Option

Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps

Generally, if you have a consistent (40-100psi) municipal water supply, the Basementsaver WP-Series Water Powered Pumps will probably be your best choice for a cost-effective ultra-reliable emergency sump pump. With this ultra-reliable backup pumping system in place, you should always be able to protect your basement - even if the electrical power fails for an extended period. Additionally, there is effectively no required maintenance and no battery to worry about.

However, You must have a reliable municipal water supply, consistently achieving 40psi pressure or more. For obvious reasons, we don't recommend water powered sump pumps for use with an electrically powered well water system, or as a long-term substitute for your ac powered primary basement sump pump system.

Here are a few more points to consider:

  • Basementsaver WP & HP water powered emergency pumps work best with a full size, unrestricted water supply directly from the house water meter outlet to the pump.
  • In An Unfinished Basement, it is usually not a problem to run the required water line to your emergency backup pump, which must be located above the sump pit.
  • In A Finished Basement, your water supply, backup pump and sump pit are ideally located close to each other, in a closet. If your basement is already finished and your water meter is a great distance from the sump pit location, it may occasionally prove too disruptive or costly to run the water supply line to the emergency pump. Your optimum backup pump selection will then be a BP-Series battery powered system.
  • The thing to remember is that you have to get sufficient water flow to the water powered pump for it to operate efficiently. The input water line must fit the Basementsaver WP pump inlet (WP1:1/2" or 3/4", WP2: 3/4", and WP3 3/4" or 1"), and should be as unrestricted as possible.
  • WP-Series Backup Pumps are rated for use to 100psi. However, if your water pressure continuously exceeds 100psi your best choice is to install a Basementsaver HP High Pressure water powered pump. The newly available HP-Series pumps are rated for use from 75-150psi, and there are 3 available models with otherwise identical specifications to the WP-Series pumps.
  • Backflow Prevention is rapidly becoming a hot issue in many areas across North America, and all WP and HP models are specifically designed to prevent backflow to your potable water system under normal operating circumstances. However, more and more local codes are beginning to insist on the use of 'approved' backflow prevention devices. If you are in one of these areas you should select a WPA-Series Pump or HPA-Series Pump, which feature 'approved' Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers (AVBs).
  • If you don't have a reliable municipal water supply, or if your basement configuration makes it difficult to run a water line to the backup pump location, a Basementsaver BP battery powered sump pump system will be the correct choice for you. In this case, it is preferable to plug the battery charger into a GFCI outlet on an electrical circuit other than the one serving your primary sump pump. That way, if the primary pump circuit breaker is tripped the backup pump charger will continue to receive power.

    Water Powered Versus Battery Powered Emergency Pump Summary

    Water Powered Sump Pumps versus Battery Backup Sump Pumps

    Years of professional experience with primary and backup basement sump pump systems leads to the following conclusions:

    • For the vast majority of homes, the WP-Series Water Powered Sump Pumps are the best solution. Water powered backup pumps are much simpler than battery powered backup pumps, and require essentially no maintenance, so they fundamentally have less to go wrong. Just install your Basementsaver WP water powered sump pump properly, and test it briefly every 6 months, and that's about it!
      Choose Your Optimum WP-Series Pump Model
    • If Your Water Pressure Continuously Exceeds 100psi a Basementsaver HP or HPA Water Powered Pump is undoubtedly your best emergency backup option.
      Choose Your Optimum HP or HPA Backup Pump Model
    • WP-Series and HP-Series water powered backup pumps are very easy to install, but the part that most daunted people was supplying city water to the pump inlet. Now you can make this task a very simple operation by using a Basementsaver Easy-Fit Kit (rated to 230psi). You can use copper, PEX or even combinations of these two piping systems (subject to your local plumbing code), and there's no need for soldering!
      Buy Your Basementsaver Easy-Fit Plumbing Kit Here
    • In some cases, a battery powered backup pump is your only reasonable option. A Basementsaver BP-Series system can provide excellent service. However, there is a small amount of battery maintenance to consider, and if electrical power is lost for an extended period (typically over 48 hours depending upon conditions) it is possible to fully drain the battery and lose your protection. Even with regular maintenance, occasional battery replacement will also be necessary (typically every 3-5 years).
      Choose Your Optimum BP-Series Pump Model
    • If you are one of the few people who really do need to install a battery backup system you can extend the operating time of your pump before it requires recharging. The highly recommended optional Basementsaver BCC Extra Battery Box and Cables allow you to install an additional battery that can double the pumping time of Your Basementsaver BP0, BP1, BP2 or BP3 battery backup pump.
      Buy Your BCC Kit Here

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    High Pressure Problems?
    Bring In The Big Guns!

    If you are planning to install a water powered sump pump and have reliable municipal water pressure in the range 40-100psi the Basementsaver WP Backup Pumps are undoubtedly your best choice. Or, if your municipality requires 'Approved' backflow prevention, you need a WPA Backup Pump w/AVB.

    However, we're seeing more and more requests from people who need the capability to operate with water pressures up to 150psi. Previously, we've had to recommend using a battery backup pump in these most demanding situations. Now, we've bitten the bullet and come up with a superior solution - the ultra-reliable HP Backup Pumps &
    HPA Backup Pumps w/AVB!

    NEW HP Pumps
    Basementsaver HP Series
    Your Ultimate Basement Protection Option
    Basementsaver HP Water Powered Backup Pumps For Inlet Pressures Up To 150psi
    HP Backup Pump Outlet

    HP1 (bottom) - HP2 - HP3 (top)
    The absolute ultimate innovation in basement flood protection...

    The new Basementsaver HP (High Pressure) Series of water powered backup sump pumps use the ultra-efficient ejector units from the proven WP1, WP2, and WP3 pumps, beefed up with heavy duty control valves for high pressure service.

    These unique High Pressure units stretch the backup pump performance envelope to places where no other water powered pump can go, FROM 75-150PSI operating city water pressure!

    HP-Series pumps offer the same high efficiency performance as our proven WP series pumps, but at much higher pressure! They only cost a little more, and when your water pressure continuously exceeds 100psi you should choose an HP-Series water powered backup pump, for optimum pumping performance!
    HP-Series Easy Installation

    Buy Your HP-Series Pump Here

    WP-Series Or HP-Series
    Which Is Best For You?

    It's very simple:
    WP & WPA Pumps require water pressure in the range 40-100psi
    HP & HPA Pumps require water pressure in the range 75-150psi
    If you have questions call or
    e-mail Basementsaver

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