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Easy Backup Pump Installation

Install Your Own Backup Sump Pump and $SAVE$
Basementsaver makes it easy for you to install your own backup sump pump and $SAVE$.

Basementsaver BP-Series battery backup sump pumps have been specifically designed to be installed by an average homeowner without any specialized tools or training. Every BP-Series battery powered backup sump pump comes with fully illustrated installation instructions. Find Out More Here...

Basementsaver WP-Series water powered backup sump pump installation requires slightly more time and effort than the installation of our battery backup pumps, but this task has been significantly simplified by the addition of our Easy-Fit Plumbing Kits, that allow any homeowner to easily run a water supply to the pump without needing to solder any copper piping. Find Out More Here...








Your Ultimate Battery Powered Backup Sump Pump

Basementsaver BP3 Battery Powered Backup Sump Pump - Pumps 3,000gph
Basementsaver BP3 3,000gph Battery Powered Backup System

Basementsaver Power & Value
The BP3 is our most powerful backup pumping solution, it outperforms other battery backup sump pumps that cost twice as much or more!


Basementsaver WP-Series
Water Powered Sump Pumps

Basementsaver WP1, WP2, WP3 Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps
Ultra-Reliable Backup Pumping Performance & Value

Unparalleled ultra-reliable high efficiency emergency pumping. Every Gallon Of City Water Pumps Up To 2 Gallons Out Of Your Basement Sump!

WP1, WP2 and WP3 are undoubtedly our most popular models, and the worlds most advanced water powered sump pumps. Now offered to you at unbeatable discount pricing!
WP Backup Sump Pump Details
WPA-Series Backflow Prevention


High Pressure Applications
Specifically upgraded for application with supply water pressures from 75-150psi, the Basementsaver HP Series of Water Powered Backup Pumps.
HP/HPA Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps


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Backup Sump Pump Systems To Reliably Protect Your Basement

What's in Your basement and how would it cope with a flood? One day Your primary basement sump pump will fail. Find out how an 'emergency backup sump pump' represents cost-effective protection for your expensive home theater, gym equipment, tools... Install the right backup sump pump now and avoid the future heartbreak of a $multi-thousand disaster and an unbearable mess to clear up.

Primary Basement Sump Pumps And Emergency Backup Sump Pumps

There are literally millions of basements, all over North America, relying on 'primary' ac electrical-powered sump pumps to keep them and their contents dry. To prevent flooding, they also need a functional secondary 'emergency backup' sump pump to protect them when the primary sump pump eventually fails. Have no doubt, whether due to a temporary power cut or just wear and tear, all primary sump pumps will stop pumping at some stage - often when there's nobody around to deal with the situation!

Since you're reading this article You're probably interested in installing an emergency backup sump pump to fully protect Your basement. Hopefully you didn't learn of this need the hard way, by leaving your basement and it's expensive Home Theater, Fitness Equipment, Laundry Appliances, Workshop Tools.... relying on just a single primary sump pump to stay dry. Unfortunately, too many people only realize that they need to install an emergency backup sump pump after disaster has struck!

To Reliably Prevent A Flooded Basement You Really Do NEED Both A 'Primary Sump Pump' And An 'Emergency Backup Sump Pump'

Emergency Backup Sump Pumps Are Cost-Effective Insurance

Let's deal with backup sump pump costs right up front.
There are an awful lot of emergency sump pumps available on the market. No doubt your local hardware store or DIY warehouse carries several of them. You'll find a range of prices, designs, manufacturers, and performance specifications, but the bottom line is that they are not all equally reliable and they don't all offer equal value for your money.

Backup Sump Pump Costs

Backup sump pumps should not need to work often, but they do have to sit ready for operation (often for years) and then kick in faultlessly when the primary ac pump fails and a potential emergency arises. For this reason you really should actually expect to pay more for your emergency backup sump pump than for your primary basement pump that does over 99% of the pumping!

Never go for the cheap emergency backup option - firstly because you will not be able to sleep at night, secondly because any backup system that is not reliable is not a backup system at all, and thirdly because a truly reliable backup sump pump system doesn't need to be expensive.

$SAVE$ with our volume pricing You don't need to pay more than a few $hundred for a fully installed excellent emergency pumping system that will give you years of extremely cost-effective protection against basement flooding. What's more, if you are moderately 'handy' you can easily save even more money by installing the entire backup pumping system yourself! All of our pumps come with fully illustrated easy-to-follow installation instructions. Additionally, wth our available Easy-Fit Kits to tie into your exisitng piping, You don't even need to do any soldering.

TWO Emergency Backup Sump Pump Technologies

Let's assume, since you're still reading, that you are committed to properly protecting your basement and it's valuable contents. There are plenty of emergency pumping systems available - So what type of backup sump pump should you buy for maximun protection and value?

Water Powered Sump Pumps versus Battery Backup Sump Pumps

In many areas of the US and Canada, we rely heavily on our sump pumps, especially during the spring thaw. Ask any plumber - our plumbers have installed hundreds of primary sump pumps and reliable emergency backup sump pumps, and they've also seen terrible things that would make that beautiful big expensive home theater or that nice table-saw of yours blow a fuse - literally!

We cannot reiterate enough how important it is to install the right emergency pumping products that really will remove water from your basement when called upon to perform. Basementsaver offers 2 very different types of cost-effective backup sump pump technologies, and both are fully guaranteed to be properly designed and built from tough, corrosion-resistant, materials in order to provide you with a highly reliable backup pumping system. Over the past few years, these 2 very different types of emergency pumping systems have each consistently proven themselves in thousands of basements all across North America!

You may be wondering why we recommend 2 different types of emergency pumping systems, rather than just 'the best backup sump pump'? The answer is that Your particular best choice could require either one of these 2 diverse pumping technologies, depending on the provision of both water and electrical power in Your specific basement.

Technology 1 - Basementsaver BP-Series
Battery Backup Sump Pump Systems

Each Basementsaver BP (Battery Powered) Battery Backup Sump Pump is a complete, powerful, and reliable emergency backup sump pump system powered by dc electricity from 1 or 2 deep cycle marine type batteries.

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

The Battery Powered basement backup pumping system relies upon an included "float-charging unit" to maintain full battery charge on up to 2 deep cycle batteries. Under normal conditions, Your household electric supply keeps the battery fully ready to power the backup sump pump unit.

In the event of a power cut, or when your primary basement sump pump catastrophically fails, the water level will rise slightly and activate the emergency backup pump. In a typical installation, the battery will power your Basementsaver BP-Series Battery Backup Sump Pump for 36-96 hrs before requiring recharge (compared to only 18-24 hrs for most battery-driven pump units in the marketplace). This is sufficient to prevent basement flooding in over 99% of temporary power cuts.

Each Basementsaver BP-Series Emergency Battery Backup Sump Pump is easy to correctly install as a self-contained, fully independent system from your primary basement sump pump. There are 4 models available. The BP0 Pump (900 gph), the BP1 Pump (1,800 gph) and the BP3 (3,000 gph) Pump, are all designed for 'submersible' application inside your sump pit. In contrast, the BP2 (1,400 gph) Pump is specifically designed for applications where sump space may be limited - so it sits outside the sump pit, on your basement floor.
Compare BP-Series Battery Backup Sump Pump Systems Specifications
$SAVE$ - BUY Your Basementsaver Battery Backup Sump Pump Here

Technology 2 - Basementsaver WP-Series
Water Powered Sump Pump Systems

For most people, and for most basements, Basementsaver WP-Series Automatic Eductors undoubtedly represent the most reliable and worry-free backup sump pump technology available, and the optimum backup pumping solution.

Basementsaver offers 3 WP-Series pump models, and another 9 pump variants based on the WP-series:

Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps

These advanced water powered sump pump units are specifically designed to require zero maintenance for ultra-reliability. Just perform a simple test to check the unit for normal operation every 6 months, and your backup pump will always be ready to protect your basement when the need arises.

Each Basementsaver WP-Series Fully Automatic Water Powered Sump Pump is an extremely powerful, ultra-reliable, emergency backup pumping system powered by city water flow. Instead of using electrical power, these pumps rely on the force of flowing city water to suck the water out of your basement sump - with no battery to maintain or periodically replace.

Basementsaver Water Powered Emergency Backup Sump Pumps are also fully self-contained independent systems from your primary basement sump pump. The backup sump pump unit is installed high in your basement ceiling, safe from corrosion and damage, giving it extremely high efficiency so that every gallon of city water flow can remove up to 2 gallons of water from your basement sump pit. These water powered backup pumping systems will continue to remove water from your sump pit for an unlimited time, so long as your supply of city water is uninterrupted.

In the vast majority of installations, this water powered option is undoubtedly the most reliable and worry-free backup sump pump system available. However, some basement and utility supply configurations may exclude the installation of a water powered pump or favor using a battery powered backup sump pump system.
Basementsaver Water Powered Sump Pump Systems Specifications
Download Basementsaver WP Water Powered Sump Pump Installation Instructions
Download Basementsaver HP Water Powered Sump Pump Installation Instructions
$SAVE$ - BUY Your Basementsaver Water Powered Backup Sump Pump Here

Choosing The Right Backup Sump Pump Technolgy For Your Specific Basement

You have a number of options. Basementsaver BP, Battery Backup Sump Pumps, Basementsaver WP/WPA, Water Powered Sump Pumps, and Basementsaver HP/HPA High Pressure Water Powered Sump Pumps, are all highly reliable emergency basement flood protection systems. NEXT, find out how to choose the best backup sump pump technology and optimum specific pump model to protect Your particular basement and all it's valuable contents.

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Basementsaver Water Powered Sump Pumps & Battery Backup Pumps
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Basementsaver Sump Pump & Backup Pump Advice Column

Things You Need To Know About Floods & Backup Sump Pumps

Flooded Basement
What's In Your Basement?

An Emergency Generator
Is Not Enough!

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security.It's not just primary sump pumps that fail. Backup generators & backup pumps also fail - leaving you & your basement unprotected!

Most backup systems still require routine maintenance and/or periodic testing. Over the years we've seen many incidents where a power failure prompted the use of an emergency generator, which failed - leaving an unprotected basement that flooded.

Basementsaver Philosophy - Don't rely only on complex backup systems, there's usually too much opportunity for something to go wrong and eventually it will!

Basementsaver Pumps Customer Service
Basementsaver Backup Pumps come with a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee and a separate 2 Year Warranty. If You ever need help Basementsaver is here for You.

Your Backup Pumping System Must Be Reliable!
The nearest thing to 100% 'foolproof' emergency backup basement flood protection is the ultra-reliable Basementsaver WP and HP (High Pressure) line of water powered backup sump pumps. These are very cleverly designed yet mechanically simple devices, made of high quality materials, with very little that can ever go wrong.

WP-series and HP-series pumps are easy to install correctly and are truly maintenance free, just run a 30 second test on them once every 6 months or so for your own peace of mind. You also get an unbeatable guarantee and separate 5 Year Warranty, on on every pump unit.

Avoid Unnecessary Pain & Cost!
Flooded Basement

Take a moment to stop and think about everything that You're storing in Your basement. Even a small flood down there would be a disaster! There's the dirty water, the foul smell that penetrates your entire home, the and the dangerous mold that often follows as it takes days or weeks to fully and properly dry out.

The mess caused is truly horrible. Consider the hassle and expense of clean-up, often the damage or complete loss of irreplaceable personal treasures, and the huge monetary loss associated with everything else that is ruined.

You may have bought extra flood insurance to reimburse any potential loss. But the cost of that adds up over time, and the insurance claim can't take away the horrendous experience you'll go through during and after the flood.

We hear the pain in the voices of people who thought it would never happen to them, and it really doesn't have to happen to You.
- You Can Protect Yourself -
Make sure you have a quality Primary Sump Pump and also install a quality Backup Sump Pump.

Basementsaver sump pumps and backup pumps now make it as inexpensive and easy as possible for You to self-install the right technology that will fully and reliably protect the significant investments that You have in Your basement. Protect Your basement reliably with a Basementsaver sump pump and backup pump!

If you have questions or need help just e-mail Basementsaver or Call toll-free, and if we can't answer immediately simply leave a message and we'll get back to You personally, as soon as possible.

Call 716.775.0206

My WP2 is superb. The Easy-Fit Kit and your clear instructions made complete installation, testing and clean up a 53 minute job! Thanks again, my home theater is now fully protected and I am worry-free when traveling.
... Jon, Illinois ...

Choosing Your Optimum Backup Sump Pump


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